7 Partner Massage Techniques to Try Today

by MassageJoy - February 10, 2019

Massaging your partner and receiving a massage from your partner is a great way to get to know each other on a deeper level. Partner massage increases physical and emotional intimacy and is an intimate bonding experience. Knowing basic partner massage techniques is an essential skill that will pay off dividends in your relationship.

So what are the essential partner massage techniques? All partner massage techniques require you to perform basic massage techniques such as gliding, friction, kneading on your partner in special positions. The 7 basic partner massage techniques are:

  • Double Foot Massage
  • Partner Back Massage
  • Side by Side Arm Massage
  • Partner Face Massage
  • Partner Chair Massage
  • Massage on a Bed

In this article, I will show you the basic partner massage techniques you can try today. These are very basic and simple techniques and once you learn these you can continue building up your skill. Stay till the end to learn the exact technique you will use today. And if you are after a pampering couple’s massage, you can book one here

Partner Massage

The partner massage techniques are a combination of basic massage therapy techniques delivered in specific partner massage positions. Before we go into specific partner massage positions and sequences let us first understand the basic massage techniques used in partner massage

Gliding is one of the most common techniques in massage therapy and is the perfect technique to use during a partner massage because of its simplicity and effectiveness. To perform this technique:

  • Place your palms on the area being massaged
  • Then start gliding your palms along the surface of the area being massaged
  • Make sure to glide towards the direction of the heart
  • Once you reach the end of the glide, lift your palms and place them back at the starting point and start the gliding motion again

Kneading is another simple technique beginners can use and this technique allows you to apply deeper pressure. The advantage of this technique is that you are not pressing down on the recipient but applying pressure between your fingers so you don’t have to be very strong to deliver the right amount of pressure.

  • Place your hands on the area being massaged
  • Grab the skin and underlying muscle between your forefinger and thumb
  • Slowly lift the skin and muscle applying little pressure
  • Let go and then move your hand slightly forward (towards the direction of the heart) and grab the skin and underlying muscle of the area and lift
  • Repeat this process 4-5 times in the area being massaged

Friction is a slightly advanced massage technique and is to be used after the recipient has been sufficiently warmed up for the massage. You will notice that we will require the friction technique in specific partner massage positions

  • Make a fist with one hand with the thumb sticking out
  • Place the fist on the recipient, with your knuckles resting on the surface being massaged, with the thumb pressing down into the muscle
  • Now move your fist along the surface of the area being massaged with the thumb pressing into the muscle
  • Maintain sufficient pressure and glide your thumb along the length of the muscle or against the muscle grain

Using a combination of these techniques or using these techniques in isolation in specific positions, you will be able to deliver a high quality massage to your partner today.

Double Foot Massage

One of the key elements of partner massage is the ability to both give and receive. Due to this the double foot massage is an ideal partner massage position as it allows both the partners to give and receive the massage at the same time.

Partner double foot massage
Double Foot Massage
  • Recline on the couch on your backs as shown in the illustration
  • Have each person rest their feet on the other’s chest
  • You can perform this technique without any oils. If you wish to use oils, use just a little bit on your fingertips and apply it on the foot of your partner
  • Place a towel under the feet of your partner and on your chest to avoid any oils getting onto your clothing
  • Start with the bottom of the foot and use the friction technique along the length of the bottom of the foot
  • Then move to the top of the foot. Here, apply the kneading technique
  • Alternate between the bottom and the top of the foot using friction and kneading techniques and do this for 10-15 minutes
  • Shift to the other foot

Partner Back Massage

This is a very relaxing technique and allows you to focus solely on “giving” the massage to your partner. This technique is usually performed on the couch. Due to this have your partner turn their head to the other side every 5 minutes or so to avoid cramping

Partner Back Massage
Partner Back Massage
  • Have your partner lie on the couch on their stomach
  • Sit beside your partner by their hips
  • You can use aromatherapy oils for this massage. Put the aromatherapy massage oil on your hands and apply it onto your partner’s back
  • Then begin the massage from the lower back up till the base of the neck using the kneading technique on either side of the spine
  • Do not directly massage the spine
  • Once you have performed the kneading technique for 5-7 minutes you can change to the friction technique on other areas of the back
  • Finish the massage using the gliding technique all over the back
  • Switch positions with your partner to receive the massage

Side by Side Arm Massage

This is a relaxed casual position where the couples are sitting side by side. This is a great position to use when you are sitting side by side enjoying a movie or a conversation.

Partner Arm Massage
Side by Side Partner Arm Massage
  • Sit side by side on a couch and have your partner place their arm on your thigh
  • You can perform this technique without oil or with oil. If you are using oils place a towel on your thigh to prevent the oil from getting onto your clothes
  • Turn your partners arm so that their palm is facing you
  • Start massaging from the base of the wrist going over the length of the arm using the kneading technique
  • Do this for 5-6 minutes and then start massaging the palm using the friction technique
  • Do this for 5-7 minutes and turn your partner’s arm over so that the palm is now resting flat on your thigh
  • Repeat the process of massaging the length of the arm using the kneading technique and the top of the palm using the friction technique
  • Move to the other side of your partner and repeat the sequence on the other arm of your partner
  • Once you have massaged both the arms of your partner, your partner can use the same techniques and sequence to massage your hands

Partner Face Massage

This is an intimate massage position. This massage sequence can be performed either on the bed, couch or on a mat on the floor

Partner Face Massage
Partner Face Massage
  • Sit with your back against a hard surface such as the headboard, back of the couch or wall
  • Have your legs extended straight in front of you
  • Place a pillow on your lap
  • Have your partner lie with their head on the pillow in your lap as shown in the illustration
  • Start by gently caressing their face
  • Then massage their forehead and eyebrows using the kneading technique but maintain very little pressure
  • Continue for 5-6 minutes before applying the friction technique on the forehead
  • Do this for 3-4 minutes and then use the gliding technique all over the face and neck

Partner Chair Massage

This partner massage technique is great to give your partner a neck and shoulder massage. You can even give this massage when your partner is taking a break from working at a desk for long periods of time

Partner Chair Massage
Partner Chair Massage
  • Have your partner sit on a chair and perhaps turn the chair sideways to get access to their back
  • Place a pillow on the table in front of them and have them rest their head on the pillow with their arm slightly bent around their head
  • Start massaging from the base of the skull along the length of the neck by gliding your palm along the length of the neck
  • Apply sufficient pressure with your thumb and fingers along the side of the neck as you continue gliding your hand along the length of the neck
  • Do this for 3-4 minutes
  • Then massage the shoulders using the kneading technique. You can start from the base of the neck, go along the shoulders, and go down till the upper arms
  • Do this for 5-7 minutes and if needed finish the massage by using the friction technique all along the length of the back

Massage on a Bed

A partner massage on the bed is perhaps one of the best ways to end the day. This sequence can be performed with or without oil. If you are using essential oils, you can use oils which suit the bedroom such as lavender, ylang-ylang or rose.

Partner Massage on Bed
Partner Massage on Bed
  • Have your partner lie on the bed on their stomach
  • Sit beside your partner by their shoulder
  • Start the massage using slow gliding strokes all over their back
  • This position is great to massage all posterior areas of the body
  • Once your partner is warmed up, you can start using kneading technique on their back and shoulders
  • After 7-10 minutes of this you can shift to using the friction technique all over their back
  • You can then finish off the massage using long gliding strokes along the length of the back. Make sure to not massage the spine directly

Using the 3 primary massage techniques : gliding, kneading and friction, combined with the partner massage positions, you have 7 basic partner massage techniques and sequences you can use today. You don’t have to be an expert to use these techniques, just follow the simple instructions given to you.

If you would like to further expand your massage skills get a couple’s massage from a certified massage therapist. During a couple’s massage, 2 massage therapists attend to you and your partner. If you are learning partner massage, getting a couple’s massage is a great option to further learn the basic massage techniques from an expert.

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Mastering these 3 techniques will instantly make your massage much better:

  • Gliding: Gliding your hands on the recipient’s body
  • Friction: Pressing into the recipient’s muscles with your thumb
  • Kneading: Pulling the skin and muscle of the recipient using your thumb and forefinger

What should you do after a massage? Many massage therapists will suggest you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins after a massage. You can do that, however, after a relaxing massage, the best thing to do is to continue resting and let your body recover.