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Marta is one of our most experienced therapists and can offer you professional therapy performed in a wide range of sty...Read more


Liya is the highest rated therapist on our platform and has often been mentioned as the "Best Therapist" by our custo...Read more


Mihaela is a professional dedicated massage therapist certified in Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage and Hot S...Read more


Benay is an accomplished massage therapist having an ITEC diploma in holistic full body massage and an ITEC diploma in anatomy ...Read more


Kenia is an experienced massage therapist from Brazil and has the relevant diplomas in massage therapy specializing in deep tis...Read more


Georgina will provide you with the most relaxing,  professional and rejuvenating treatments. Georgina pract...Read more


Growing up in Poland, Amanda has always had a keen interest in natural health, both physical and mental. Offering compa...Read more


Antonia is an incredibly caring therapist deeply inspired to help others through meditative quality of creative sensory experie...Read more

Diana D

Diana has experience in classical massage, relaxing massage, deep tissue, lomi lomi and aromatherapy. Diana has several years o...Read more

Maira Nunes

Maira is a fully ITEC level 3 qualified Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, with a BSc in Health Sciences and Master...Read more

Yasmin P

Yasmin is a passionate and highly experienced Masseuse who has been qualified for 11 years. Yaz specialises in Swedish Mas...Read more


Lorena is an emphatic therapist with over 10 years experience who combines all type of massage techniques to help you to fully ...Read more


Cristiana is highly skilled massage therapist, healer and art therapist who has  done years of studies in mind and body sc...Read more


Marcella is an high energy massage therapist  from italy with positive and outgoing personality. She provides swedish and ...Read more


Elena is a well trained and experienced therapist who is keen to please her clients. She is no stranger to hard work an...Read more


With a BTEC5 in Holistic Massage and an ITEC3 in Sports Massage , Lisa is a Deep Tissue specialist capable of creatin...Read more


Roberta is an extremely skilled therapist from Italy with several years of experience under her belt. Whatever style of ma...Read more


Jonny is a massage therapist with a professional qualification from the London School Of Massage. Through his previous career a...Read more


Symone is an ITEC certified therapist with a bright and enthusiastic personality, offering tailored massage treatments. She has...Read more


Bethany has over three years of experience as a massage therapist and is professionally certified and qualified. Bethany specia...Read more


Laura has over 15 years experience as a holistic therapist and she specializes in deep tissue, relaxation, Indian head massage,...Read more


Caterina is an accomplished massage therapist offering her excellent therapeutic massage in London. Using both hands in...Read more

Andreea Gentimir

Andreea is a compassionate therapist who is dedicated to achieve physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the clients.She ...Read more


Hysen is a experienced and highly rated massage therapist specializing in Sports Massage and lymphatic drainage massage. Most r...Read more


Denisa is a professional sports therapist and 5 star massage therapist with over four years of fantastic experience gained...Read more

Stefano P

Stefano normally uses common Swedish massage techniques accompanied with sport massage techniques, soft tissue release or ...Read more

Alessandro Mancini

A well-qualified physiotherapist from  Italy, Mancini is an enthusiastic and committed massage therapist who puts ...Read more


Dominique started her wellbeing journey with exploring various massage styles which led me to Namikoshi Shiatsu,...Read more

Katie Saunders

Katie is a professional and dedicated massage and beauty therapist with more than 7 years experience. She is passionate ab...Read more

Hawa Turay

Hawa is an experienced massage therapist, passionate about self care and wellbeing. She offers outstanding treatments to a rang...Read more


Andreea has been working as a holistic massage therapist in London for many years.

 Read more

Niki Gabriel

Niki is a massage practitioner with an advanced knowledge in anatomy.Her work experience involves working in luxury spa s acros...Read more

Anna Luzi

Anna is a compassionate therapist who has a beautiful approach and touch, Anna works with you and your body to create a bespoke...Read more


Simona is an experienced therapist, who has performed treatments for many years. She is not only a  passionate and...Read more


Polish therapist Edyta soon puts you at ease with her warm smile and therapeutic touch. She uses her both hands in grea...Read more


Aline is compassionate about helping people find rejuvenation and renewal amidst the stresses of life. She trained in various m...Read more


Linda is from the beautiful city of Lyon in the central east part of France. Linda has gained extensive massage experience and ...Read more



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