Benefits of & safety tips during a Pregnancy Massage

by MassageJoy - December 6, 2018

Pregnancy massage is designed for pregnant women and the techniques and strokes used have been designed to ensure the well-being and comfort of both the mother and the unborn child. Pregnancy massage is usually performed on a special cushion by a massage therapist who has specific qualifications in pregnancy massage


Pregnancy Massage


Can I Get A Massage When Pregnant?


pregnancy massage pillow

A bolster used during pregnancy massage

Many women are surprised to learn that massage treatments are not only allowed during pregnancy, but are often said by midwives to be very beneficial as well. There are so many changes that the body goes through during pregnancy and the postpartum period. It is often overlooked by expectant mothers that the relief from massage is available.

Research shows that it can even help with labor and delivery. In one study the results showed that expectant mothers who utilized massage therapy for at least 20 minute sessions, twice a week, experienced less back pain, better sleep and even had less labor complications as well as decreased number of premature deliveries.

Most professional massage therapists have special bolsters and pillows available to ensure maximum comfort for the pregnant woman during massage treatments. Good communication is vital for effective massage. Talk openly with your massage therapist about their training and experience with pregnancy massage, and once treatment begins discuss comfort and pain levels often to ensure the best results.


What Are the Benefits of Pregnancy Massage?


pregnancy massage

Pregnant woman getting massage

Many of the benefits that anyone experiences due to a massage are the same for a pregnant woman. However, because of the physical changes that occur during pregnancy, they are important in that these benefits can directly affect labor and delivery.

As the pregnancy progresses many women experience pain as the changes occurring in her body lead to muscle and joint strain. It can even be difficult to maintain a good posture during the third trimester and painful muscles make it even more difficult. This is where massage comes in.



Here are some of the benefits of pregnancy massage and how they directly affect pregnancy, labor and delivery.


  • Increased blood flow to the lower back will assist the muscles as they become accustomed to the new changes and will help prevent damage to muscle tissue, and aid in quick postpartum recovery. With a growing belly also comes lumbar strain, and it is important to keep this muscle tissue flexible and maintain blood flow to prevent injury.
  • Better sleep is a popular reason for massage therapy among pregnant women. Restlessness is common during this stage for many reasons, such as hormonal changes or discomfort from new sleeping positions. But sleep is so important during this exciting time of life, and massage is a great solution.
  • Pain relief is important for everyone, but the body releases stress hormones when experiencing pain and this can negatively affect a pregnant woman and even the unborn child. Some of the many types of pain relief reported by pregnant women receiving massage includes, headaches, leg cramps, back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, and round ligament pain during the third trimester.
  • Relaxation is important during the entire pregnancy, but at the onset of labor, massage takes an even more important role. Especially if back labor is a factor. Massage can help labor move along in a productive and safe pace, while giving the mother pain relief and increased “feel good” hormones which allows for more productive contractions.
  • Reduced swelling is another benefit. Swelling, also known as edema, is a common complaint during pregnancy and it can be very troublesome. Massage helps tremendously with reducing swelling by improving blood flow and assisting with releasing excess fluid.
  • More Productive Labor is a well-known benefit of pregnancy massage. With the onset of labor many women have experienced the benefits of back massage during contractions for assisting with breathing and relaxation allowing for labor to progress productively and even bringing great relief for those experiencing back labor due to the position of the baby.


Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy?


Massage during pregnancy is best performed by a professional massage therapist who has had special training for pregnancy massage. It is not only quite safe for mother and baby, it is beneficial. Even simple back massage by a friend or family member is considered safe. But for more therapeutic massage it is best to seek the treatments from a trained therapist who also has the appropriate tools such as bolsters made for pregnancy which will not only provide comfort, but will prevent strain on muscles and ligaments that are already strained by the changing body of the pregnant woman.


How to Find a Pregnancy Massage Near Me?


High demand has brought a larger number of professional massage therapists than ever before. This means it has become easier than ever to find the one that is right for you. Massage professionals are happy to answer your questions about training and experience. The flexibility in location and scheduling makes it even easier for busy moms to get exactly what they need. Some therapists can even come to you for a home massage in order to meet your needs with their mobile services. The good news is that it is so convenient that there is no need to wait! You can book a massage today and enjoy all of these benefits right away. Your body will thank you!