10 Things a Reflexology Therapist Instantly Knows About You

by MassageJoy - October 3, 2018

Reflexology is certainly not new, some researchers have traced its roots far back into ancient China and Egypt. Not long after the turn of the century it gained in popularity under the name Zone Therapy. Since then it has been proven time and again in practice and in medical research.


The nerve endings in the feet correspond to certain parts of the body and when there is an imbalance, science has proven that nervous fibers build up in the feet at a high rate. As problems arise in the body calcium deposits and uric acid also settles at the nerve endings in the feet, and their placement can point directly to an issue in the body. Acting as a signal to your reflexologist.


Many people are often surprised at just how detailed a report their feet can give on their body. Here are some surprising things that an experienced reflexologist can tell about you.


  1. Digestive issues, have become more common recently with the increase in gluten intolerance and gut problems from lack of balance flora in the intestines. This is readily obvious during reflexology treatments and also, one of the problems quickly remedied. It is not uncommon to even have constipation quickly relieved from reflexology treatments on the middle area of the foot around the arch.
  2. Sinus congestion causes the little sand like crystals to build up around the underside of the toes around the joints and this too can receive quick relief from reflexology, allowing sinus drainage and preventing infection of the sinuses if treated quickly.
  3. Back pain is experienced by a huge number of the populace all over the world and the reflexologist can feel the same telltale signs along the outer edge of the soles of the feet and reflexology is a wonderful complementary therapy to back massage. Allowing the nerves to send the correct messages to the brain and aiding in healing.
  4. If you are detoxing from a cleanse your lymphatic system can become overwhelmed if done too quickly, and this is clearly noticed during reflexology along the lymphatic trigger points. Treating these regularly during things such as a juice or herbal cleanse can assist the lymphatic system in flushing toxins much more efficiently.
  5. If you drink too much alcohol it will negatively impact your liver and the feet will show it. When focusing on gaining back your health, your liver will recover much more quickly with reflexology on the liver trigger points.
  6. Stress is common in today’s world, no doubt, but is your stress level impacting your health? If it is, your reflexology massage therapist will notice the sensitivity around the ball of the foot and at the trigger point of the adrenal gland. When you are under extreme stress, the adrenal gland produces cortisol. This stress hormone can overload the body and cause many negative effects if it’s happening too frequently. Treating these points in the feet with reflexology is not only pleasantly relaxing, it aids in keeping the adrenal glands healthy and functioning properly.
  7. Endometriosis and menstrual pain is quite obvious to the experienced reflexology therapist due to the outer edges of the heels and ankles being the trigger points for the reproductive organs. Since there is little fleshy tissue or muscle there, the knots or sand like crystals that form are readily obvious. Treating these points helps ease pain rather quickly and has even been known to ease monthly discomfort overall with regular treatments.
  8. Respiratory problems such as cough, congestion, or pneumonia can leave the body struggling to heal. This will show in the painful sensitivity in the corresponding areas of the feet. And both feet should be treated, as the foot being treated has trigger points that correspond to that organ on the same side of the body being treated.
  9. Headaches have become a way of life for many with the stresses of modern life. Often people have become so accustomed to it that they don’t even mention their headaches. But a reflexology massage therapist can tell almost instantly. When massaging the large toe, there will be the obvious crystals felt just under the skin and with treatment the client is often surprised at how quickly they feel relief, even from migraines, the toughest headaches to treat with other therapies.
  10. Eye strain from long study hours, computer screen time or even the need for eye glasses can also show up in your feet. In the fleshy part of the foot, at the base of the toes, there are trigger points directly connected to the eyes. And when your eyes are struggling, your feet know it! The reflexologist can feel this as well and can offer comforting treatments that will complement the optometrists work.


If you have never booked an appointment with a Reflexology Massage Therapist, you should consider doing so today! You may also be surprised at what your feet can tell them about you.