Demystifying Reflexology

Over the last decade massage therapy in the UK has evolved from being a luxury service and more people are now going for alternative treatment practices including massage therapy designed for holistic healing. There’s no denying the benefits associated with these ancient medical practices especially now that findings from advanced studies have shown more proof. One of the most popular albeit misunderstood spa treatments that is renowned for its health benefits is reflexology.


If you look at every spa in London for instance, Reflexology is among the top services offered. Still many people have no idea about the incredible benefits associated with this ancient practice. This simple alternative therapeutic treatment works on the idea that specific areas on your hands, feet and ears are connected to other parts of the body.  Massage therapists have for a long time been working on reflex points found on these parts to correct problems such as pain, stress, digestive problems, and improve overall well being.


What is Reflexology?


Reflexology massage dates back to the ancient civilizations with available evidence from ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures showing this was a common practice. This is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy which works on the theory that your feet, hands and ears have specific points which correspond to other areas on your body.


The idea of interconnectivity between different body areas has been a largely held belief in the history of medicine and is a basis of many alternative treatments. In this therapy technique, pressure is applied on different areas/ zones on your feet, hands or ears which are marked on a reflexology chart. These specific zones affect other body organs or body systems and by working on them, the patient enjoys the relevant health benefits.


How Reflexology Works


It is important to note that this is not a foot massage. Instead, a certified therapist will work on reflex points on your feet, hands, and ears while using a reflexology map as a guide. These reflex points relate to other body organs and specific glands. This therapy works on the premise that applying pressure on these reflex points boosts health in the interconnected areas.


If you are using a London mobile massage from a well-established service such as MassageJoy, a certified therapist will come to your home. They will first listen to the problem you have and determine whether this type of technique is suitable. A brief health history check is conducted to determine whether reflexology is ideal for your case. Once the therapist has explained how this technique works, they might ask you to sign a consent form before the procedure starts. At this point you need to remember that this therapy procedure doesn’t treat any disease and is not a substitute for medical treatment. This will also be explained to you.

Depending on your specific problem, the reflexologist will focus on your feet, ears or hands or all the three areas. The idea is to help create a balance in your body and release any tension that could be causing pain, congestion, migraines or other such problems.


Benefits of Reflexology



There are different studies which have been carried out to prove the effectiveness of this alternative treatment practice. The National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health for instance have found out that this form of therapy helps with:


  1. Reduction of pain
  2. Dealing with psychological symptoms including depression, stress and anxiety.
  3. Enhancing relaxation and sleep.
  4. Palliative care of people with cancer and other terminal diseases.
  5. Improved digestion
  6. Improved blood circulation which improves overall body function.
  7. Sinus problems treatment
  8. Muscle problem treatment
  9. Relief of fibromyalgia symptoms.
  10. Dealing with post-operative pain
  11. Treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea


Of course there are many other issues that regular session of home visit massage can help deal with.  This is why a certified therapist will first listen and evaluate your pain or discomfort before starting a session. Different organs and body areas require pressure application in specific reflex points and for this type of technique to be effective, your therapist must fully understand where the problem lies.


There are no negative side effects associated with this procedure and this is why it is highly recommended during your massage at home. A session will normally take 30 minutes to 1 hour. However, every case is unique and the duration might thus vary.


Who Should Get Reflexology?


While the benefits of reflexology massage are tremendous, there are people who are not candidates for the technique. It is a safe healing practice but it is not recommended in case of:

  1. Foot injuries
  2. During later stages of pregnancy
  3. For those suffering from current thrombosis or embolism or any other form of blood clotting problem.
  4. Anyone with fresh  wounds, burns, gout , infections, or open wounds
  5. Lower extremity swelling or chronic skin changes
  6. Recent surgical procedures


Reflexologists Don’t Diagnose Disease. A well trained and certified therapist will not attempt to diagnose disease. This is not an alternative to medical treatment but works to complement any treatment you are already getting.  An established massage therapist offers tailored services to suit your situation but doesn’t diagnose or treat disease.

There are a myriad benefits of a reflexology session offered at your home or hotel by a mobile massage therapist.  This is one of the most popular alternative treatment practices today and for many good reasons. If you are stressed out, tired or are in regular pain, it is time you tried out the incredible benefits of this therapy from a certified therapist in the city. It is safe, painless, and highly effective procedure in pain relief and also boosts your overall wellbeing.